I don't even know where to ask this question

As I try to sift through topic subjects in each of the main forum categories, I can’t help but drown in wave after wave of Scoutbook problems. Pick a category in this forum and they are all choked up with scoutbook question - even with scoutbook having it’s own category??

I looked at using Scoutbook for our troop this past year and gladly decided to stay well away from it. I’ve used an alternative (Troopmaster) for decades in two troops with very few issues and I really feel sorry for all the people who are struggling to make scoutbook work.

I think it would be crazy helpful to the rest of the Scouting Forums users for a moderator to re-categorize posts, or provide some kind of prompting when users creating a new post to pick the correct category. Something, anything, to move the all the scoutbook questions to the scoutbook category and out of all the other scouting forum topic categories.

(Otherwise, you may as well rename “Scouting Forums” to “scoutbook Forum”)

I sorta feel your pain b/c I use SB about 1/8 of my time … advancement taking up only that much of the methods of scouting.

But, in spite of the title, these forums are the brainchild of the SB folks more than BSA pros. They exist to improve delivery of a multi-platform product. The pleasant side effect was the occasional discussion that helps us to be better scouters.

In a perfect world, the 90s would have seen all us volunteers with emails of the type user at unit dot council dot scouting dot org. Each troop would have its own bulletin board, synced calendar, etc …

That not having happened, others have been running forums and amassing better program-specific content for decades. We’re stuck with what we’ve got for a little while yet.


We often move posts to different categories, however, the folks to moderate the forums are all volunteer Scouters. We don’t always get everything re-categorized as we try to help as may people as possible while also working with our units.

If there are specific topics you believe should be moved to a different category, post links here and we can look into moving them.

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