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I know that this is geared towards questions regarding Scouting Tools. Is there a place where there are forums to ask questions about how different Troops do things? Just to get some ideas. We are a rural Troop and I feel like we get stagnant sometimes in how we approach how the troop runs etc. I tried looking on facebook but only found the BSA one where it doesn’t appear there are any forums. Thanks so much. I just want to get more ideas.

There used to be forums on Discussions for the different programs, but those were discontinued.

The following Facebook group is a great forum for getting ideas from other volunteers.

You may also check with your District Executive or District Committee. Often, districts will have Facebook groups or other forums that can be helpful.

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Thank you, I will check it out.

There are no official online forums of which I am aware. I suspect that the official answer would be something along the lines of “go to your roundtable”. I also encourage scouts (and scouters) who are arrowmen to attend OA events and use those as a mechanism to solicit and provide cross-pollination ideas among units. Some of the best ideas I’ve brought to my SPLs over the years have come from a scout or scouter at an OA event.

There are a wide variety of unofficial online forums in which scouting discussions occur (e.g. reddit, scouter.com). Not to specifically endorse one forum over others, but I personally know that there are a lot of folks who used to carry on such discussions in the previous program-related forums here that participate at scouter.com, for example. I am not a redditer (nor a Facebook member), so I can’t speak to the participants there.


Thank you for the ideas. I can across Reddit, but hadn’t noticed Scouter.com. I will look into it. I am an OA member as are my children, recently. Our lodge is over 200 miles away so we don’t get to as many events as we would like.

I’m kinda surprised that there aren’t more chapter (i.e. local) events in that situation. That said, it takes a chapter adviser corps and chapter officers who are active enough to make something like that happen. Our lodge has a similar challenge for some of our chapters which are reasonably remote from the center of activity in the council, which has frequently made it tough to get activities rolling for them as well.

Not that I’m the biggest fan of virtual events, but with those kinds of distances, there might be enough interest to get at least a few folks together periodically over virtual meetings to exchange ideas. Our council did that for roundtables during the pandemic, with varying degrees of success.

It can be pretty stilted (or a giant mess) if there are too many folks on the virtual meeting itself, but if you can make contact with other scouters in your area, particularly folks from the commissioner corps, you might be able to get them to help you make connections with other willing scouters who could form that discussion group.

Our council covers so much area (much of it rural and sparsely populated) that the local events they have they keep them closer to the more populated areas of the state. We are trying to make more of a presence in our Troop with OA. Maybe that will trigger something. We are creating a Venturing Crew to help with the scouts that want more adventure and less rank/merit badges. Since we are new to Venturing I don’t know if those scouts can also get OA? Guess we will find out.

Yes. OA was expanded to include Venturing and Sea Scouting as well. There’s more information on OA membership here: Membership | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America

Thanks, I will check into that.

The official stance of the BSA is that all program related questions should be addressed to your Council.

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