Can we Reverse 'Needs Awarding' to put award back on to be purchased?

I mistakenly marked all awards as Awarded, when several had not been purchased yet. I need to reversed my ‘Needs awarding’ submitting and re-do. Can we do that? I did not realize that all awards would be showing on the ‘Needs Awarding’ tab even if they had not been put on a PO in the Needs Purchasing.

You’ll have to manually go to each scout’s advancement page to uncheck the awarded box.

You may be able to make your life easier if you use the Audit Logs to show the advancement approved between now and a day before you approved everything. That way, you should have a list of everything that got approved to use as a “roadmap” for the “manual undo” process. :^)

I believe you need to be a unit admin, Key 3 Member, or Key 3 Delegate to access the report. It can be found here:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Reports → Audit Log Report

then select only the Advancement Log tickbox and choose your timeframe.

Can you tell I’ve done this once or twice before myself? :^)


@CharleyHamilton Thanks for pointing me here. How do i produce the report Meaning when I hit all dens i get alot of unknowns in the report vs when i do just one den it comes out clean.

do you need to do it by den to get clean data?

I didn’t think so. I’ve only run it at the troop level, though.

What do you mean in terms of unknowns? Are there missing names for the Leader Approval, or for the Completed? I think the Completed may show up without a name if it was marked Completed through the Scouting app (as opposed to using Scoutbook).

It looks like system info mixed in with the actual data. I think we are good… How do you make someone a key 3 delegate When i went into her profile only den and pack admin where choices but she is both already

Key 3 Delegates have to be designated in the Position Manager at under the left side menu by one of the Key 3 or an existing K3D.

Webelo 1.pdf (47.0 KB)
This is what i’m talking about

@CharleyHamilton Ok how long does it take to go from my.scouting to Scoutbook then is that an over night thing?

Did all that junk come along with the Advancement audit report, or were other boxes ticked in the audit list?

I think the K3D will sync once daily, but I’m not sure if that’s overnight or mid-afternoon or when exactly.

Positions Manager should be an overnight process.

That came with the audit report as is… The only thing i had checked for that den was advancements it worked fine den by with the exception of that report but if i try and run them all at once. It would look like that for the entire Pack

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