Cannot add Malaysia country phone number

I was registering at my.scouting and in the field asking for phone number, there is a drop down list with all the countries possible, but not Malaysia (country code +60).
How can i reach to the website developers to be able to add the Malaysia phone number into the drop down list of phone number countries?


Have the Far East Council submit a trouble ticket for you.

Far East Council has done so numerous amount of times and no success

Please get for me the last support ticket number they submitted and I will run it up the chain.

Oh, God bless!

I will update as soon as I get the ticket number from FEC, it is night time right now over there. Will revert within 12-18 hours.

Thank u very much!


FEC brought this up in a national registrar meeting.
Support ticket number is unknown.
Is it possible to do anything about it without the ticket number?

Unfortunately, no. Have them submit a ticket and get that to me as quickly as possible,

The ticket number as below

Thank you for your help,

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I passed this in yesterday, and they were surprised that they had missed your code, so this should be taken care of shortly.

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God bless
Thank u very much!!

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Hello Ronald,

I am back with the same issue.
Been waiting for the Malaysia Country Phone number to be added to the drop down list, but right now it is only USA and it’s unchangeable to any other country.
So I have been putting Malaysian numbers, but the phone number input line would only accept 10 digits max (being set to USA number only)
and when I refresh the page, one last digit from the phone number is missing (because malaysian number consists of 11 or more digits with the country code)

Malaysian number is like this:
+60 - is the country code

011 111 1111 - example of malaysian number, it is 10 digits
011 1111 1111 - another example of a malaysian number, it is 11 digits

if I write the number in full with the country code, it would look like this:
+6011 111 1111 (11 digits) or

+6011 1111 1111 (12 digits)

I understand it may not be on priority list to fix this bug at the moment, but it would make life lil prettier on our side.
Many thanks,
Malika from Malaysia

It takes time. Just remember the official help ticket was only submitted last Friday!

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2020-02-02-D DRAFT Extract


It’s been 40 days and still nothing.
Scoutbook feature to send out sms notifications has no use if the phone number cannot be entered correctly.

In tears,
Malika Andrus
Pack 3818
Kuala Lumpur