My.Scouting new Adult Application fails with "Error Code: /phoneCountryId expected" error

When I try to fill out a New Adult Application for myself (for an additional role at the District level), using our District’s “Join” link from the Invitation Manager, I go through the registration steps of the flow and get to the final page where I’m writing my e-signature. However when I click “Go to Checkout Summary”, it throws an error saying:
Something went wrong
Error Code: /phoneCountryId expected type: Number, found: Null, Message: Bad Request

There are only two phone numbers in the application process: one for myself and one for my reference. I deleted and re-entered both of them, but the error persists.

Any suggestions?



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5) Member ID & Council of person affected
12864798 Golden Gate Area Council
Thank you!)

@PaulLanzi - the country code woulde be 1 for the north American dial plan. You need to include the 1.

Hm - I started over again (in an Incognito window) and added a ‘1’ this time to both phone numbers – same error. Any other suggestions?

@PaulLanzi - the phone number should be
County code - area code - exchange - extension

So 1-###-###-####
That is how the numbers work in telco. Now i will note that on line apps are not allowed in my council so mg only experience is in Telcom itself.

I am also not certain if incognito is the best option

Ah, yes – I also worked in telecom (SBC) for 8 years, so I understand how phone numbers work – I think there is something wrong with the validation logic that my.scouting is using to validate the phone numbers.

@PaulLanzi - i suggest your council open a ticket with national.