Cannot add newly registered Cub Scouts to existing meetings/events in DLE

Please help

Our Tiger DL created a calendar in DLE for the scout year, but since then new Cubs have registered that do not show up as invited and do not have an option to invite. The new Cubs show up on the den roster, however.

Similarly, we cannot add the new Cubs to the invite list in SB either. The only thing we seem to be able to do is change venue and dates.

They should show up after 24 hours - yet another reason I advise not to use DLE

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Thanks for the reply

When you say “show up” do you mean that we will be able to invite them to calendar events?

if they are approved in the den - they should show up in DLE events on their own in 24 hours

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That’s a relief


@Shoreranger - but i would caution against using the DLE

We will stress should as most of us are not DLE users


yeah SHOULD have capitalized SHOULD


All invitations automatically updated today!

In this case, at least, the system worked perfectly. I was just a little concerned because I wasn’t aware of an expected lag. Had I known I would not have stressed at all!

I wasn’t happy with DLE when I first tried to use it when it came out, but the new DL really likes the comfort and ease of having all the den meeting plans created automatically. They were also happy enough to just move around the order of adventures to fit their planning. The CC and CT really like the free Leader Guide that comes with it too, so I guess it is here to stay!

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Thanks for the update. I’ll mention to the developers that it’d be nice to have a warning so people don’t stress.

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