The Den Leader Experience invited the entire pack to my Bear meetings

The Den Leader Experience invited the entire pack to my Bear meetings and i see no way to fix that in either the Den Leader Experience or Scout book. Help!

So do all the packs scouts show up in your den?

This is happening with my den as well. I created the den meetings in the Den Leader Experience, but then all members of the pack show up on the calendar as invited, and all receive reminder emails. I can’t find any way to fix it.

My den roster is correct, but the invitees to the meeting is incorrect.

@JohnCook6 Go to the calendar in Scoutbook and you should be able to hide the DLE events or move them into the past.

That doesn’t help the problem though.

  1. I want to take advantage of the scheduling feature in the den leader experience. It worked perfectly fine last year, and my den parents appreciated getting automatic reminders of the meetings. 2. Hiding the DLE events on the calendar doesn’t mute the reminders, it just hides them from the calendar view.

New issue: we did our bobcat meeting last, and the entire pack received the reminder invites to the meeting. I took attendance after the meeting, and just marked all of the non-tigers as not in attendance. All of the other members of the pack received follow-up emails from scoutbook because they missed the meeting, and telling them that they had to complete the bobcat requirements on their own. Cool feature, but only if it goes to the correct scouts.

Our pack roster in SB is correct. Only my kids are listed in my den.

The den roster in DLE is correct. Only my kids are listed.

When I look at the den meeting event in the SB calendar, only my kids and their parents are listed, this is correct.

When I look at the den meeting event in DLE, the entire pack of scouts is listed, but only my den’s parents are listed.

There is no way to edit the invitees in DLE (that I can find), and the edit Invitees button is disabled in the SB calendar because the event was created by DLE.

The issue has been reported to the developers. I do not know when or if they will fix it.

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The developers would like one of the e-mails that was sent to a parent that should not have received it. I’ll send you a direct message so I can provide my e-mail address to forward one of the e-mails. Click the green circle with white J in the upper right of your forum window.

The same is happening with me. Are you the Cubmaster as well?

Yes, now that you mention it, I wonder if that is part of the issue. I was a den leader and pack admin last year (when it worked fine). I am now the cubmaster, the notifications go to the entire pack.

@JohnCook6 - stop using the DLE as that is the best fix

I think the initial fix for this would be to hide DLE as suggested > then have unit admin make a new den and Reassign all of the Dens Scouts to that Den with the leaders > then setup DLE again.

The bug hasn’t been fixed as far as I know. So, that’s likely to result in the same thing. Plus, having hidden DLE events, they won’t be able to see it for the new den either.

no Hide DLE is den specific I think - if the den admin turns it on verse the Unit Admin

But if it’s the same den leader, it hides all dens for which they are den leader. There’s no option for them to hide only one

We are having the same issue with only one of our dens. The DL is not a cubmaster it has worked for her for last year with no problems. She only has her kids under roster but when she goes to take attendance the entire pack is there. If she doesn’t mark them then they get a missing email. Is there a fix for this yet?

@SamaraMcBride - the real fix is to not use the DLE

@SamaraMcBride what Den is it?

It is our Tiger Den. My fix was creating a new den and moved everyone over and it is correct now.

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