Cannot Add Scout Leadership Role - Error

I have a scout who is a multiple registrant.
14343686 - BSA ID
When adding Asst Patrol Leader to him for Troop 611 / 0592 Green Mountain Council an error pops up and says this.
: Please select from the list provided

We have the correct date, the role has been selected from the drop down menu.

Thanks for looking at this. I am stumped!

Does the list of patrols show up? Are you able to select one?

Yes the patrols show up. Yes I can select it. But if I select APL it defaults to the correct patrol automatically - Real Radical Raptors

anyone else have a thought?
This scout at one point had like 7 bsa id’s and ya’ll helped fix / mega merge them.
attached is the error I am getting, He is part of T611 but he has a multiple registration with his old Troop in Puerto Rico. Thank you again

There is a bug with leadership positions for Scouts with memberships / registrations in more than one unit.

Thank you

Any suggestions on how to add it or do we wait fir a fix?

@WilliamKett Unfortunately, I think you will have to wait for a fix.

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