Unable to assign Purser leadership position to Sea Scout

I’m the skipper of Ship 7730. I’m attempting to assign the Purser leadership position to my sign. When doing so, I get an error message stating “Position: Please select a position from the list.” This is occurring even though I have the Purser position selected.

Is this scout also registered in another unit?

He is registered in two other units, a Scouts BSA troop and an Explorer club. I am a leader in the Explorer troop.

SB User ID: 1548831

BSA Member ID: 131817303

Any feedback on this thread?

I think this has to do with a bug that is currently being worked on

Is there a means to assign this leadership position while the bug is being worked out? Start date would be 1/15/2023.

I am seeing this same issue with some of my Sea Scouts that are also members of a Troop and Venturing Crew. Some can have positions in all three units, some get this same error to select from the list (even though it is selected), and some won’t let me enter in the position if they hold the same position in the other unit, claiming it is a duplicate. For example, if they are listed as the chaplain’s aide in one unit, it will not let me list them as the chaplain’s aide in another unit.

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I was able to go back in and assign this position a couple days ago.

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