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3) Browser
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3) Chrome & Brave
4) Yes
5) BSA Member ID: 132340802 / SB User ID:796986/National Capital Area Council

I would like to replace the picture of this Scout, who is my son and whom you say I have “full control” of his profile.
Why am I not able to remove or replace a photo of the Scout whom I am a parent and should have full control? I don’t understand why this function now resides in Internet Advancement, a program that continues to fail in supporting this community.

Mike Gephart

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I am having the same issue - unable to change profile photos for any of my family members. Looks like an update two weeks ago caused the issue based on another post.

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See the change log I linked just above your post.

Just adding my name to the list of users experiencing this issue. Hope it helps to prioritize the fix.

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I’ve been clicking around for an hour and don’t see where/how to update my son’s profile picture.

I keep getting sent to IA to update profile information:

  1. none of which allows for youth to add a profile picture.
    2 . when I try to edit/update my own picture, the UI is available BUT the file doesn’t appear to get saved/reflected.

Hoping this gets fixed quickly! Would love to be able to edit the Profile Pictures for our Pack Members.

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As a workaround, it looks like the Scouting app (red one) will allow you to upload your scout’s picture. I’ve never personally used that feature.

I am having the same problem - unable to edit my own kids’ profile photos. Currently there are old photos but when I click on the picture to change, it opens Internet Advancement.

Desktop, Windows 11
Chrome browser

Great idea! I got excited…for a moment.

Unfortunately, I get the following error (iphone Xs) - see attached.

Have you had any luck with changing the profile picture? I sent messages months ago about this issue. It has been showing the same upload error. I really need to update my Scout’s picture.

No - it was worth a try. Patiently waiting for the website UI to get fixed so that I can update my scouts’ profile pictures.

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As far as I know, it’s still broken. I suggest subscribing to the change logs to see when fixes get pushed to the production servers.

I was notified that this bug is still in the queue to get fixed. It’s still a known bug.


Looking forward to the fix being rolled out. I’ve got a new troop and we would like to have Scouts add profile pics to help us put faces with names.


I have tried Windows 10 & 11 multiple browsers, and Android multiple browsers and apps. I cannot update my profile photo. I was able to remove the old photo that was attached to my scoutbook profile, but now I get bumped over to Internet Advancement for updating profile photos and that has never worked.

There seem to be issues with the MULTIPLE places that has for profile photos. There is this forum (AKA discussions…), there is scoutbook…, there is my…, there is advancement… It is really hard to know where to report the problem to help the folks that need to try to fix it.

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See the change log linked above that says “ Note: Editing of the profile photo is currently not available. The developers are aware of the issue.”

Is there a running list of known bugs?