Cannot Access Payment Log

I recently lost the ability to access the Payment Log for my pack and even after reviewing the information posted here I cannot figure out how to reinstate that access. When I click on the Payment Log item for an individual scout I am returned to the main homepage.

I am the pack treasurer, and my Scoutbook profile is set up with both the Treasurer and Pack Admin roles. As far as I know my account/profile has not changed in the last month.

I’ve been using the Payment Log to keep track of dues and payments for a couple of years now, and we’re getting ready to notify parents about outstanding fees that could impact recharter, so I’m hoping to figure out what happened and get access again soon in order to accurately show which scouts are paid in full and which really still owe a balance.

I also checked my profile on the website and see that it only lists my Den Leader role (which is no longer active). I also had the Chrome browser extension installed, and saw there was an update to the Payment Log this fall that can be affected by that extension. I couldn’t figure out what I needed to do to update the log/extension, so I just uninstalled it. That didn’t make a difference to my access when logging in via Chrome, so I also tried with IE and got the same result.


First, try going to the pack roster page, click your name, click your pack admin role, and click update. (It has to be this path, not via my dashboard)

If that doesn’t work, What’s your bsa member number?

That worked! I don’t typically go into my profile from the pack roster, so I hadn’t tried updating my info that way.

Thank you so much!!

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