Cannot get replied emails from parents if an email is sent via scoutbook email platform

I sent our email to the parents from the Scoutbook email platform, but I cannot get a reply from the parents replied back (when clicking the sender email address and find that DoNotReply).

What shall I do so that parents can reply to me by clicking reply instead of adding my own personal address to the recipient’s email address?


This was fixed last night.

May I get back the emails that the parents replied to me in the past two days pls?

I will send the test email and will let you know if the problem is fixed at my end or not. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I find that now when I sent an email to a parent, the email will be cc to me in my inbox, does it mean if I send out the same email to 10 parents at the same time, I will get 10 auto cc emails back to me before they replied to me?

Unfortunately, the Do Not Reply address simply drops incoming emails, so there’s no way to recover anything that may have been sent. Parents who sent messages likely still have a copy in their outgoing/sent mail folder and could re-send it to your correct address.

Yes, this is a new bug introduced when the other bug was fixed. It’s being worked on, as I understand it.

I see, thanks for working on it and improving the features from time to time. Hope it will be resolved soon.

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