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We have a parent of one of our scouts not getting emails. She has never logged into scoutbook, yet when I go to send message next to her name it says No Emails and therefore we cannot include her in email communications. She is questioning why she is not getting any. How would this be the case of the user have never logged in to disable emails? I cannot see anything wrong in her profile and her email address is correct.

Thank you!

She has logged out of emails it what it sounds like - what is her BSA # or User ID?

All of the messages have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. She wouldn’t have to log in to click it.

BSA: 137107945
User: 11599057

Thank you for replying so quckly

That’s what I am afraid has happened.

It’s easy enough for her to fix if she can log in. She goes to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email and slide the opt-out toggle at the top to the left, and she should be able to receive Scoutbook emails again.

If she can’t log in, she might have to create a account to recover her password. @SUAC?

@DavidLunsford user has opted out - but they have Google login on so should be able to click Google login get in > go to my account > email > turn off the opt out

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Cool. I asked her to do just that a little bit ago and will let you know if it worked. I appreciate your time and confirmation of direction!

Yours in Scouting,

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