Cannot Mark Protect Yourself As Complete

I’m a Parent, Den Leader, and Committee Chair. What user can approve the completion of the Protect Yourself?


Make sure your role in the upper right corner of the SB+ window is not set to parent/guardian.

@RyanHendrickson - you could try setting the default unit in SB+

But not sure if that will get you past the multiple roles.

I’m set as the Committee Chair. Hitting F12 shows a 200 OK status on the first OPTIONS post. Then I get a 400 BAD REQUEST:

        "userId": xxxxxxx,
        "rankId": 10,
        "percentCompleted": null,
        "status": null,
        "requirements": [
                "id": 2133,
                "status": "Fail",
                "message": "User cannot approve requirement."

Is the above helpful, or can I provide something else that would be?


Is this for your own child or another scout?

This is for my own child. I usually mess with his profile first when things don’t work. I do have to record them for other scouts… checking now… I am able to record for scouts that aren’t my own child.

We’ve seen other people report similar issues recently. Sorry we didn’t zero in on that sooner.

As a workaround, you could have an assistant den leader or Cubmaster mark it complete. Another possible workaround is to mark it complete in the scouting app and then see if it shows up in your pending report to approve.

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This is somewhat resolved in the system. When setting the date, you can now click “Save” without having to mark it as Approved/Recorded. This Scoutbook Plus change is enough for it to save and allow the Bear rank to be Approved/Recorded/Awarded.

However, the issue is not yet fully resolved because after hard-refreshing and going back, the requirement is still marked as “started” and not “completed”, even though the Bear rank has been awarded.

It’s a bit of a kludge, but I have had success approving requirements/adventures for my own child by running the Needs Approval Report in Legacy Scoutbook after marking the requirements complete in Scoutbook Plus or the Scouting mobile app.