Marking a requirement NOT complete

Is there a way to go back and mark a requirement as not being completed? I see how to undo leader approval, but can you revert it fully back to the empty box?
Looking at my son’s records tonight, I see that he was incorrectly included in the list of scouts who did the New Scout program at summer camp last year and has a good dozen things marked as done that really aren’t. I’d like to get that cleaned up.

Related ethics question… is marking requirements incomplete also a no-no for parents, just like marking them complete would be?

I would probably suggest that your scout approach the SM about having that corrected. Not that you couldn’t simply remove the completion (assuming it’s not yet Leader Approved), but there’s value beyond the correction itself in having the scout do it.

I would talk to your scout’s SM about how they want to handle marking things completed in Scoutbook. For scouts who are not connected to their accounts, I’ve seen parents mark things Completed on their behalf, and include photos of the signed page from the handbook in the comments. I’ve seen scouts who are connected do the same. That’s one method of communicating that it’s already been signed-off by an approved individual.

ETA: Better yet, suggest that your scout ask the SM. It’s their advancement, after all.

The main question here is how one would do this.

My son can talk to the SM, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything in scoutbook that was entered by him. I don’t think he uses it. The advancement chair updates it when a rank is complete, and one of the ASMs took the task of entering requirements that camp said were completed. But other than that, it’s a very physical-handbook focused troop.
I’ve been tasked with trying to get our scoutbook records closer to what is in the physical handbooks. If this weren’t my own son’s record, I’m pretty sure SM’s answer would be to ask me to take care of it!

@ChristyDryden - then by all means feel free to remove the items… no harm no foul in this case

You unapprove and erase the date is how it is done.

I can’t believe that works! I could have sworn it wouldn’t let me put a blank date in there last night.
And then, need to go back and do the same in v2016 so no one accidentally toggles back and forth and reimports them to v2022!

Thank you.

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@ChristyDryden - i just worked the 2016 back out on one of my scouts this morning. Just make sure you are alwars on 2016. The 2022 is good after the cleanup on the record i worked.

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