Cannot see adult birthdates in Scoutbook

I need to see adult birthdates for a high adventure roster and airline ticketing. Scoutbook will not show them to me either in their profile or when I run a roster builder report asking for them (just tells me they are over 21).

Is there are way to get adult birthdates for my unit? I am Full Admin for the unit.

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Scoutbook will not show you the DOB for adults. You need to ask each adult for it.

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Thanks for the quick response and that clarity - I’ll quit looking.

In the interest of making things better and for whoever decided I should not see them in Scoutbook (undoubtedly for privacy reasons), this does not make sense and frustrates those of us who rely on Scoutbook for unit data.

As Scoutmaster of one unit and Committee Chair of another, the BSA already reveals adult birthdates to me on adult applications, on the annual health form, and a partial birthdate (no year) on the recharter report. The BSA expects me to provide them for summer camp and high adventure rosters. So the BSA is saying on one hand this is too sensitive for me to see (in Scoutbook), but in other places either they are given to me or the BSA expects me to provide them.

As far as security and privacy are is concerned, Scoutbook not providing this info to a Scoutbook Admin leaves me with two choices: keep adult birthdates in a separate, less secure place, like a personal spreadsheet, so I don’t have to keep asking. Or ask for them each time in which case they will send it to me in an email message which I will then transfer to said spreadsheet so I can keep for for the BSA required roster I am working on. Both of which is much less secure than just showing them in a password-protected access-limited system like Scoutbook.

So please pass on my frustration to the Scoutbook powers that be: I am still going to see (indeed am required by BSA to provide) adult birthdates one way or another so you are not protecting the data from me and this is yet one more reason I cannot totally rely on Scoutbook to manage my units.

Thanks for your support of this forum and our Scoutbook questions - it is much appreciated.

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You are correct, this is for privacy reasons. Scoutbook does not have the permission structure to limit showing the DOB only to those with a need to know which is why is blocks it from everyone.

Even the unit roster in does not show the DOB and that has more tight controls than Scoutbook.

This is not an area where the SUAC can convince the BSA to make a change.


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