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One scout missing, another with wrong rank dates

One of our ASM’s who is also a Merit Badge counselor couldn’t find one of our scouts in ScoutBook. When I looked, I also couldn’t find the scout in the roster. When I ran Print Roster at the bottom of the page, his name shows up with the adults but he doesn’t show in the roster as a youth or adult.

We just had a BOR for a scout and when we reviewed his rank dates in ScoutBook, show Scout on 3/25/2019, Tenderfoot on 3/1/2019, and Second Class on 4/1/2019. Tenderfoot and Second Class used to be 6/10 and 8/12.

Has anyone noticed this and is it being fixed? I never saw things like this in the old Internet Advancement system (maybe I was just lucky).


Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing (with the names partially obscured, if possible)? I’m not 100% sure where you’re looking.

I’ve never seen anyone show up as neither a youth nor an adult. I’m not even sure that Scoutbook has a place for anyone who doesn’t fall into either category. The first thing I would check is the scout’s membership as displayed in Scoutbook. I’m wondering if the scout has a spurious membership floating around somewhere.

Are you using scoutbook or internet advancement?

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To elaborate on @jacobfetzer’s question, Scoutbook is at scoutbook.com, whereas Internet Advancement 2 is at scoutbook.scouting.org.

I have seen this for an online application which was filled out wrong in Cub Scouts. Did the Pack use Scoutbook and not notice? I have also seen this for adult and child with the same first name.

We’re using ScoutBook. I was referring to the old Internet Advancement system as a point of reference.

As for where I’m seeing it, when I go to the roster, select the scout, and select scout’s Advancement.


There are 2 fields with dates. The Completion Date is the important one. The Audit data only field just indicates when the award was last updated.

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I had actually been asking about where you were seeing a scout not on either the adult or youth roster.

For the advancement date issue, are you looking at the dates on the left or the right? The left side is just the database update dates (used for tracking who did what on which date). The right side is the record date for when the scout earned the rank.

That’s weird data, @edavignon. Marked completed 4+ months after it was awarded? :laughing:

For the rank date issue, I’ve been looking at the record and audit report. The “Audit data only” is correct in our case. The “Completion Date” is wrong. I entered it on the Audit Date at the scout’s previous BOR and we confirmed the dates in the scout’s physical book (virtually) at his BOR today.

Now for what appears to be going on: We have people updating ScoutBook with past information. Even though it is unnecessary for a completed rank, they have entered incorrect dates for the Scoutmaster Conference and the BOR. Those dates have now replaced the previous completion date. I tried updating the dates and received an error because the new date is after the date the rank was earned.

Now, how do we fix this?

The date of the Scoutmaster conference has to be on or before the date of BOR (and the date of the BOR = the date the rank is earned).

The Audit Date and the Completion date used to be the same. Because someone added the information after the rank was recorded, approved, and awarded, the rank date has changed. Is there a good (easy) way to fix this and get the old (correct) dates back?

For the other issue I mentioned in my post, the missing scout does show in my.souting.org.

As @JenniferOlinger noted, the date of the BoR is the date that the rank was earned. Assuming that all of the requirements were, in fact, completed prior to the BoR, then to correct the date, someone needs to:

  • Go in and change the date of the individual components to earlier than the actual BoR date
  • Correct the BoR date to the actual BoR date

This should (I believe) resolve the incorrect date.

ETA: The audit data isn’t relevant to the rank date. It’s just for tracking when the rank data was last altered, and by whom.

You may have to remove the Leader Approval and/or Awarded flags & dates to get at the individual rank requirements.

@LeslieHolloway I think it would be helpful if we could see what you are seeing. Would you like to try a Zoom meeting?

I fixed the one scout so I need to track down another scout record with the same issue. I found one but it isn’t as clear on that one.

At the top, I had to re-enter the correct completion date. Then I was able to go into the BOR date and SMC date and update them.

I noticed that the advancement report available in ScoutBook on closed purchase orders doesn’t reflect the original dates. I thought my days of keeping paper copies were behind me but it looks like I need to start keeping paper or PDF’s.

I hope this gets the screenshots I just took.

If I go into ScoutBook and select Percent Completed

I can enter the date earned and Approved/Recorded.


If someone enters information under the rank requirements and doesn’t use the dates from the Scout’s physical book, the date for rank completion can change from the original date set (and recorded in the physical book) to the date they used. In the picture above, the correct date of 8/12/2019 changed to 4/1/2019 (no image for that – I already corrected the record.


When the date was 4/1/19, do you recall what the audit data for Completion said? Was it completed by BSA Administrator or by a person? If it was BSA Administrator then it came in from another BSA system such as legacy Internet Advancement. If it was a person, you will need to check with that individual to see if they changed the date.

The audit data under the rank? It showed it was marked completed and approved by me on 8/12. I’ve noted before that a report I ran on 2/2 showed 8/12/2019 (the correct date) for the rank date. It was only after the individual requirements were entered that the date changed to 4/1/2019. The audit information on the rank didn’t change. It was the audit information on the individual requirements (that were entered on 2/17/2020 with a date of 4/1/2019) that appeared to explain where the 4/1/2019 date came from.


That helps. Do you recall which requirements you set to 4/1/19?

I did not set the individual requirements to 4/1/2019 – another person in the troop who has been putting in a lot of effort to get everything into ScoutBook did. That is part of what is wrong: I initially set it and my information shows up. The person who entered the requirements that changed the date only shows on the individual requirements, not on the audit information for the rank itself even though that appears to be where the new rank date came from.

As for which requirements: All of them including the Scoutmaster Conference and BOR.