Youth showing as adult in Internet Advancement

I have a scout who shows up correctly in scoutbook, his birthdate is correct in his profile, he’s a member of a patrol and everything. But in Internet Advancement he shows up as an adult leader. How do I fix that?

When you check the official roster at my.scouting, do they show up as a youth or adult there?

Also, if you post the BSA ID number (no names please!), the SUAC volunteers may be able to identify a cause.

He shows up as a Youth Member on the roster at, but he appears as an adult in Internet Advancement. His member ID number is 14089813

This Scout has 2 Scotubook accounts, 2 IDs and 2 BSA Member IDs (MIDs).

I will merge the Scoutbook accounts. One of his IDs is set for Google Login with what appears to be his father’s gmail address. Should this ID really belong to his father? The last time his father logged in to Scoutbook was 2018 and there is currently no login ID attached to the father’s Scoutbook account.

In addition, his mother’s e-mail address appears to be on the Scout’s Scoutbook account and the ID used to log in to his account.

Thanks for your reply. I’m going to have to contact his parents and get back to you.