I’m a leader of a Girl Troop in Scoutbook. I also have full access to some scouts in Boy Troop but Scoutbook won’t let me add ACTIVITIES to the young man’s record. When I click on the young man it says, “This person was not found in the active unit.” It does not allow me to switch to another unit in the Internet Advancement activity section. HELP, please!

Have you checked which “position” is selected under the fleur de lis icon in the upper right corner? You have to switch that to get access to other units, I think.

ETA: Full Control in Scoutbook does not necessarily convey access in IA2. What’s your leadership role in the boys’ troop?

I am a committee member in the boy troop. The scout’s record that I am trying to change doesn’t show in the upper right drop down options.

Committee Member doesn’t automatically provide access in IA2. There’s an abilities matrix here: Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Not their name, but making sure it’s switched to your role in the proper unit.

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My only role listed is Asst. Scoutmaster in the Girl troop. It is not showing my role in the boy troop. How does the scoutmaster in the boy troop grant me access the right way?

One of the Unit Key 3 in the boys’ troop would need to assign you one of the functional roles that has access as listed in the help document to which I linked, in Scoutbook or at my.scouting, as appropriate.

On the Abilities Matrix chart, it says a parent or scout can add a personal activity, but when I try to add an activity to my own son it says, “403. You don’t have access to this trail.” The access isn’t working right.

IA2 is sensitive to which role is selected under the fleur de lis icon in the upper right. Is it not working when you select parent/guardian?

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