Don't have access to a troop in Internet Advancement, but I do in Scoutbook

I am a Committee Chair for two troops (boys/girls). I have access to both troops in Scoutbook but when I try to enter information for the girl’s troop in Internet Advancement (i.e. camping), I don’t have access to their troop. Why would that be? Also, some of our registered adults who appear in Scoutbook with a BSA ID #, do not appear in Internet Advancement. Why?

What do you see when you click the dropdown at the top?

Can you provide an example of a bsa member number that is in SB but not IA?

I posted that msg. based on what someone told me but when I went to check to give you an example, neither of the two adults are showing up in Scoutbook either. They both claim they’re registered so I’ll have to check with our council. As for having access to our girl’s troop, when I’m in IA, I only have the boy’s troop listed on the drop-down. I can access both in the Dashboard in SB, but when can’t see the 2nd troop in IA. Any ideas why that is?

What shows up in your positions under your Profile at I wonder if the council created a duplicate BSA ID for you for the other unit.

ETA: IA2 (and the activity logs housed there) refer to your positions at, IIRC, to determine what your access level is.

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I only see a registration for you in the boy troop.

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Is your position changing with recharter? Like Jacob said, I see a Committee Member registration for you with the boy troop, but its recharter has not been processed yet. I don’t see any registrations for you with the girl troop.

I should be Committee Chair for both troops effective 1/1/22 with our Recharter. The issue is we inadvertently registered a Scout who turned 18 in Dec. and that is holding up our approval. We’re waiting on Council to remove that Scout so our Recharter can move forward.

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