Unable to create new activity logs

Once I log into Scoutbook, I attempt to use Quick Entry → Enter Activity Logs to enter a new campout.

However, the link takes me to internet advancement where I can only see my own son’s profile.

When I attempt to browse to the Troop Roster at this address:

An error message pops up: Error //profile.

I am still able to see all the scouts in Scoutbook.

Any suggestions to sort this out?

Happy to provide my member id if that will help.

Currently IA is only for Key 3, K3+3 Delegates, UAC - you would need one of these roles.

In Scoutbook, I’m listed as ‘Troop Admin.’

Up until very recently I was able to make these entries. This is our first campout of 2022, which is why I’ve only now noticed the problem. My last activity log entry was made in Dec 2021.

Is it possible for you to have a look at my profile to see if a change needs to be made:
BSA Member #:

I’m seeing the same thing, activity logs are no longer accessible to me for any scouts other than my own kids, when previously this was enabled.

These permissions are set/viewed in my.scouting since this is an Internet Advancement system. So, you will need to have a key 3 look and see if you are a key 3, key 3 delegate, or Unit Advancement Coordinator. So, not a Scoutbook admin thing. Yes, it is confusing.

Is there no way for me to check my own permissions / roles in my.scouting?


@ThomasArmstrong just click top Right Icon > My Profile > all registrations and Functional roles are listed there

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Hi Donovan, My Unit Advancement Chair just ran into this very issue this morning. Last week he could make troop entries on Internet Advancement, and today he can only see his daughter’s profile. Is this something you can fix for us? I can provide his BSA# etc if that is needed. Katie, Troop 619G Scoutmaster, Montana Council

Could this also be a case of needing to click on the icon in the upper right corner in IA to get the dropdown

Something definitely changed in the past week or so. Individuals from my troop who were troop admins could enter activities for the whole troop but now cannot. I have reported this to the developers.

Hi, Donovan.

Thanks for digging into this issue for us. Here are the roles listed in my profile:

Clearly, UAC is not listed here. Can you provide an image of what the entry should look like in order to administer the activity logs for the Troop (on the IA side)?

Additionally, I’m a little confused. I realize that IA and Scoutbook originated from two different development paths, but if they are now sharing the same database backend, why do they have different permissioning schemes?


Why the 2 schemes? Cause they did not listen to us to begin with

They changed the permissions matrix last week they said, and SB Admins dropped. If you think your UAC or Key3 Delegates are not working first check in my.scouting.org that they actually have that position.

Position manager is where UAC or K3D can be established


For those who may not be used to playing along on the home game, Position Manager is located (for Unit Key 3 or existing Key 3 Delegates) under

my.scouting → Left side pull-down menu → Unit # → Roster → Position Manager

then select the Functional Roles tab at the top. Key 3 Delegates, UAC, COR Delegate (editable only for the COR) and several other functional roles are available to be set there.

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I’ll review this with the Scoutmaster and COR this evening.

Thanks for the help.


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Thank you. Your instructions here make sense and did work to successfully restore access to IA to my UAC. Disregard my previous message about needing someone to help me. Katie

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