Can't add cub scouts advancement

My son was part of a pack in 2020 and 2020 earning both his webelo and arrow of light. Somehow his scoutbook has never been updated and shows him having earned no ranks. As the current committee chair for our pack, I tried to go in and add his rank advancements because he plans to join Boy Scouts this summer. When I try to add that he earned webelo and /or arrow of light the system tells me to “check the date”. If I try to add an individual rank requirement it tells me that he must be at least 4 years old to do this requirement. His birthday is correct in the app but it seems like it is incorrect in scoutbook. Is there a way to check his birthday or change it if incorrect? He also earned his bobcat and I believe it was bear rank while we were living in VIrginia. I’d love to get this in his records too but he may have had a different BSA number at that point. Is there any way to get this all consolidated into one record and on scoutbook? Thanks!

@ChristopherD_Ascanio is this for GD?

Your son with initials GD is not currently registered in a pack. This will prevent you from adding advancement for him. You will need to submit paper advancement reports to your Council in order to get the advancement recorded.

@ChristopherD_Ascanio GD did not have a DOB in Scoutbook - that is fixed

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The biggest issue is that the Scout is not currently registered. As Ed said, you will need to work with your council to get his Cub Scout advancements updated.

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