Cub Scout Ranks and 2 other questions

I know I am horrible and totally behind but I am trying to get caught up. I added all of the cub scout awards earned from last June, the end of our program year (life got away from me). Now it shows that the last approved rank is the one from last school year and in the reports it wants says that we need to buy all of last years ranks. My problem is that we have already awarded the ranks. How do I go about changing the ranks from approved to awarded and move them up, I cannot seem to figure it out. Thank you!

Also is there anything different that I need to do for my scouts that earned webelos and are working on AOL?

Finally for now, is there any sort of a form slide show/presentation that we can give to the parents to introduce them to scoutbook?

Go to you needs awarding report. Mark any awards that have actually been given to the scouts already. This will remove them from the needs purchasing report.

If you haven’t done so already, go into each den, click edit den > advance den. I recommend starting with the Bears and working your way down so as not to get confused. This will move them up to the next level. You do not need to do anything for Webelos.

See these: