Error Saving Event and Sending Reminder Emails

Event: 5762530

The IA calendar will not allow me to save an event or send out an event reminder email. Instead, it gives me

Error “reminderText” length must be less than or equal to 2000 characters long

I presume “reminderText” is the internal name given to the Event Description. I copied the event description into a Word document, and it came up with a character count of 1,967, including spaces. So, IA calendar is not correctly counting the number of characters (or MS Word is failing to do so properly).

This calendar event is our district day camp. It does not contain an excessive amount of detail given what is involved, and it pushes the 2,000-character limit. In the past, I’ve created calendar events with far ore text than this, typically where advancement objectives being met are described differently for each rank. I don’t think a 2,000 character limit is adequate.

The original button I hit was Create Event, and that gave rise to the error message. I had asked for a reminder email to be sent ASAP, but it has not arrived. Now, the Create Event button has been replaced by Save Event. So, it appears the event has been created but not saved. I don’t know if simply leaving the page I am on will mean I need to re-enter everything or just the event description.

I truly believe that we should all be advocates for change. However, we have eliminated something that worked fine and replaced it with something that does not appear ready for use. Our pack used the Scoutbook Calendar as our primary means of logistical communication for more than five years. This is incredibly frustrating.

Did you include any formatting in the description? I’m wondering if that impacts the character count.


I sent you a private message. Click on your photo in the upper right of the forum window.

Three characters are bolder and underlined. Twelve additional characters are bolded. If the bolded and underlined characters are counted three times, and the bolded characters are counted twice, it could make the character count 1,985.

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