Can't add required adventures to DLE

I am trying to set up my Tiger program for the fall, using DLE to set up the den calendar, and I can’t add required Tiger adventures. I can only add the elective ones.

Did you use DLE last year for Lions?

We’ve generally been told that you re-setup the den. I cannot confirm what that actually means since I’m not a DLE user.

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You click top right corner > My Dens > choose Den > Setup = that makes the new year calendar with the required adventures

Trying to set up the den gives the error


All templates have previously been created in AdvacementOrgMeeting table (C409)"

Same as it has all summer.

So, did you use it last year for Lions?


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@BrianJacobs1 - why yes… 20 characters is the min… :slight_smile:

There is a previously reported issue that the developers are aware of for AOL required adventures populating. That seemed like it could be an isolated case since Webelos to AOL is a little unique. One more thing that will help is your bsa member number.

And where would I report the bug?

The forums are the only place to report most bugs, particularly those in Scoutbook.

You report it here, and the SUAC passes it along to the developers.

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