Setting-up den mid-year: can't select completed adventures

I’m trying our DLE for the first time and setting up my two Tiger dens – given that the year’s almost over, why can’t I select what adventures we’ve already completed? The site only gives me the option to select the Bobcat as being completed, but in reality we’ve already done many other Tiger adventures, too. See screenshot attached. Thanks.

hmmmm - shows for me for Tigers?

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 12.12.58 PM

Weird. Are you using the mobile or computer version? Does it matter which browser we use? Do you have to be a certain role within the den to see those options?

Well I am wondering if it is your DL position in AKELA - DLE uses AKELA more than Scoutbook does

@AaronTreat is this on both Tiger Den’s or just one?

Same problem on both. Do you think a sync error or lag between various databases could cause this problem? I was just updated to Tiger Den Leader in Scoutbook earlier today. Before then, I was Tiger Den Admin because we didn’t realize there isn’t technically an Asst. Den Leader position for Tiger dens.

no it is instant in my experience - in fact to test tiger I had to make me DL on test server and got right in. I will fallback to what I have always said - do not use DLE as it is pretty crappy

haha, oh boy. Thanks. It seems like it could be really useful, but I’m getting the impression the bugs limit it quite a bit. Any other troubleshooting suggestions for my problem?

@DonovanMcNeil problem solved – for some reason all the options now show up. Weird. Thanks for helping.

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