Unable to populate adventures for new season

I go to https://leader.scouting.org it shows them at the proper rank but I am unable to add the new adventures I just see what has been previously done. Again it shows they are at the new rank so thats not the issue.

Figured it out…

@RobbieNiemela - i recommend using scoutbook.scouting.org rather than the Den Leader Experience

What was the issue in your case? I’m not able to add anything for my AOL den this year.

I have been using the DLE the last three years and have liked having the meeting plans in it.

DLE was released after I was no longer a DL. That said, I understand that you have to create the new den at the new level every year (except AOL, or so I thought). Maybe someone from SUAC can clarify?

@BrianBaker5 is the den set to be working on AOL in DLE - there is a switch - then you have to set it up again

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I think the issue might have been that I had lost Den Admin permissions. Once that was set, from my desktop I was able to click in to the den and find the setup button again. All sorted now, thanks!

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@RobbieNiemela I am having the same issue, my recently graduated Den won’t allow me to add new meetings in the new rank. How did you solve this?

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