Lion Den advanced to Tiger, but I can only add electives. Can't add required adventures

My Pack Admin advanced my Lion den to Tigers, and I was trying to schedule meetings for the fall, but I can’t add the Bobcat rank or any required adventures. I can only add electives.

Someone suggested setting up the den again, but when I do, I get:

All templates have previously been created in AdvacementOrgMeeting table (C409)"

Anyone have any suggestions?

Short answer: Do not use DLE.

Sorry, my response is not about how to get the DLE to work. Our pack doesn’t think it is ready for prime time, so our Den Leaders don’t use it. It is too rigid in what it does and doesn’t allow enough modification of its results. You can do everything you want in regular Scoutbook by doing your own planning, creating your own calendar events, tracking attendance and entering advancement items as scouts do them.

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