Can't approve AOL

I accidentally unapproved one of my Cubscouts from Arrow of Light (got a little too click-happy / fast with a few approvals) but now I can’t re-approve him. No error when I try, but nothing happens. Member ID is 136597650. He should be approved for Webelos and AOL. I can try again tomorrow - maybe the date needs to be changed, but I can’t use yesterday or tomorrow as the sign off (understandably, but worth a shot).

FWIW, my wife - our advancement chair - was able to approve it. Might be a bug to look into, though. Somehow my account - on two different devices (and I am pack admin / committee chair) - even when I logged out and back in, couldn’t re-approve.

@HeathStewart - i am not following what you are stating. Was this rank, an adventure… have no clue based on your information provided. Could you provide specific steps and what exactly you were doing.

@HeathStewart I don’t see anything obvious.

What date did this Scout complete Webelos and AOL ranks?

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