AOL scouts missing in roster

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As AOL den leader, I need to complete the advancements for my AOL scouts. The issue is that after our recharter, the AOL scouts are now missing from our pack roster. It seems like they were all given an end date for webelos in Scoutbook, which has now caused them to disappear.

I went into my connections in Scoutbook, and I’m unable to see them, but I do see the cub scouts from all the other dens. The other admins for my pack are unable to see the AOL scouts as well. None of the AOL scouts were transferred to any troops.

I was able to fix my son’s account by removing his end date for webelos, which reinstated him in the pack. However, since I can’t see the other AOL scouts in my pack, I’m not able to edit their profiles in the same manner. Since I don’t know their member IDs, I’m not able to add them back into the pack.

My wife contacted our council, but they were not able to assist since they didn’t see any AOL scouts for our pack.

For reference, my son’s BSA member ID is 136515155. He is one of 9 AOL scouts in my pack.

Please let me know if you need any more info.


@ChristopherSimpson3 I think you need to talk to Committee chair or whoever handled Recharter - it seems like ALL Webelos were left off recharter.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Our committee chair handled the recharter and I’ve already spoken with him. He’s not able to see any of the AOL scouts either when he views the roster.

Is there any way we can undo what we’ve done? Or is there a different approach I should be taking?


@ChristopherSimpson3 Scoutbook roster is not relevant - the only roster chair needs to worry about is at - that is the only official roster - the Scouts are not registered so they are in no unit. Talking to council is next step to see how they want to handle it.

I am the committee chair for Chris’s pack, and all of the second year Weblos were left off the recharter. They were aging out, so I did not think they should have been included in the recharter. When I log into I no longer see any links to tools for our pack. I had access to them last year but now they are gone.

@BrentFarrell like I told @ChristopherSimpson3 - Talking to council is next step to see how they want to handle it.

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