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Can't Complete YPT

Comments about training being absolutely necessary. At what point will my wife’s my.scouting account be fixed so she can renew YPT? THAT is a barrier to training. We have been trying for 3 months now to get national to fix the “glitch” with no response. How many other volunteers have similar issues?

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What problem is your wife having with YPT? I’ll send you a private message so we can get her personal information to investigate. Look for a green circle with white number on the purple circle with white B in the upper right of the forum window.

Yes please help. I also have taken YPT to be current for MBC through April of 2022 and still shows old date of 1/24/22. I have taken both using firefox, chrome, on pc. And have screenshots to prove completions and have waited 24 hrs after each time
-what more do i need to do? Burn sage or black candles?

@monicaezzell I sent you a private message.

I have also been trying to access the YPT in order to submit my application. After being redirected to the training, I am asked to login, and then it gets stuck in a login cycle and will not let me proceed to the training. Is there another way to get through to training?


Are you getting a continuous spinner when you try to log in? If so, when you see it, hold the shift key and click the browser’s reload button.

No, the login proceeds, then it starts to go to the training page but redirects me back to logging in.

I recommend trying to see if you can start the training in an Incognito or Private browser window. There may be a cache issue causing your problem. Using an incognito window will bypass the cache.