YPT Not updating

One of my Den Leaders recently completed YPT training as a renewal. We have completion certificates for 11 August but it’s still showing her to expire this month. Member ID is 13507956 What are we missing?

@RossComstock It looks like she took the courses from the wrong learning plan.

She needs to retake all 4 modules in the mandatory YPT learning plan.

YPT mandatory youth protection training

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@RossComstock she did not do the “Mandatory” Training - she did the EXTRA training - she needs to go back and do the mandatory

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 3.08.34 PM

The one to take is far left - Says Mandatory - with a green check
The one she took is far right - Red X with a statement saying this is not ypt

According to her account, she did complete the mandatory one.

that is just a long standing bug - see the dates in what I posted - she only went in and took the test - she did not do the other 3 modules

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And she has to take the other 3 modules (SCO_3008, SCO_3009 and SCO_3010) within 60 days of the day she completed the test which was 8/12/23.

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I have Troop adult going through the same thing. He has retaken all of it twice over and it is still not updating in scout book that is complete.


Please post the BSA Member ID (no names) and we will check the DB.

His Member ID is 12597448


He completed the YPT test and optional modules. He needs to complete the required modules SCO_3008, SCO_3009 and SCO_3010 by 10/27/23 for YPT to show complete.

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Where are those found? There is no clear link to them and we have tried to type codes in search bar, came back nothing.


Go to my.scouting.org. Click the big YPT logo on the right side

then select the Mandatory- Youth Protection Training.