Stuck taking YPT

Good morning,
I just tried to finish the training again. This is the fourth attempt in three different days, two different browsers, and two different devices. Unfortunately, I am having the same issue. I recorded a video just to give you an idea of what’s happening.
Doha Kasri, Committee, Scouts BSA Troop 1396
BSA PID 132319992

Folks, this is especially critical to get this resolved as we are entering our recharter period and want to make sure this long time Scouter can get properly rechartered. She even recorded a video of where she gets stopped by the system in the middle of taking the YPT. While I couldn’t upload that here, I can email it to anyone who can help?

Is it just best to delete that YPT attempt and take the whole training over?
Tom Bortner
CC, Scouts BSA Troop 1396

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Tom -

As YPT is multiple modules so we need more details. Which module is she in? What browser & operating system is she using? Has she cleared her cache?

You may want to contact your Council and see if they have a place for her to take the training there as well. Or even at a Roundtable meeting in your District.

I just took YPT recently and had no issues. There needs to be more detail to this report.

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@RonaldBlaisdell It looks like she is having difficulty with:


The other modules show as processed.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m checking on the status of the modules. In the meanwhile, I’m attaching that video she took of her issue.
I’ll get back to you with the other answers shortly.

(Attachment is missing)

OK, that is confirmed. And Doha has completed the rest, as you point out.
And this video below is the one I referred to where she is getting stuck. Can we somehow delete that specific module To allow her to retake it.
Thanks very much.

(Attachment is missing)

@ThomasBortner I can see which modules have processed, but I don’t have the ability to reset them.

@RonaldBlaisdell has contacts with the BSA’s training folks who should be able to assist.

The video file is not coming through.

I have reported this - but we need the information on browser, operating system, cleared cache, etc.

Ronald, I can’t seem to reply to your email?
Please confirm.

Regards and have a great day.

Scouting Forum,

I believe the reason the email is not connecting is that I think I’m logged in to Forums using my Scout Troop email address, [Bortner, Tom, Troop 1396 COR & CC] and then when I reply, it shows as coming from my home email of Bortner, Tom and Gloria

Having said that, not sure how I can email you then since our @troop1396 email is only a “thru put type email” to our home and work addresses, and we cannot send from that address.


Forwarded email


OK, issue working on forums – please see screen snip below.



BTW - the button circled is the play button.

If she has seen both videos, there will be a continue button on the video screen.

It appears she has her screen larger than normal so she made need to use the scroll bar on the right hand side to scroll down to see that button.

Ronald, again, thank you very much. We will give that a try and keep you posted.

Regards and have a great day.

Roland and Jennifer,

You are not going to believe this, but now the Scouter named Doha Kasri that you previously fixed the YPT issue for—- well, now her daughter Hajar is having the same issue!!
Hajar Davaz
BSA PID 133770736
Venturing Crew 1396
Woodbridge, VA

And it’s the same module!! Please see the below, cut and pasted from the module.

Here are the modules that she took but number two is the one she has the issue with

Regards and have a great day.

Tell her to click on the second photo that shows (there are two scenarios on that screen) and see if that doesn’t continue playing.

Plus, while mobile devices such as tablets are fine, I do not recommend that anyone take training on a mobile phone.

Roland and Jennifer,
Please let us know as soon as possible. We have to execute no later than this Saturday.
Thanks again for your support.

Regards and have a great day.

@ThomasBortner - It’s Ron, by the way –

But, I gave you a solution - did she try it?

You must complete both scenarios in Sexual Abuse to get the continue button to continue through the rest of the modules. Clicking the play/pause button only plays/pauses the slide you are on. Click each picture in either order to go through the scenarios.