Can't edit events in IA Calendar

I can create new events in IA calendar, but I am unable to edit any events as described by the IA calendar KB article (Using Internet Advancement Calendar (IA) (DRAFT) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base). There is no “edit event” button. I have my Pack role, not my Parent role, selected when trying to do this. I can go into Scoutbook and edit & delete events created in IA.

I’m a Pack Admin (as well as Den Leader), so I should have sufficient permissions.

Unrelated: as I clicked around, I see that when RSVP’ing to an event in IA, it allows me to RSVP on behalf of one of my children who is not invited to the event.

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What is the Member ID of the account you are using?

Your member number from your prior council was set as primary under manager member ID. I updated it. Can you try again?

I confirm, I am a Den Leader/Den Admin and there is no option to edit calendar events. This includes events created via Scoutbook as well as events created in IA.

BSA ID: 3348665
SB ID: 8193320

@TravisStephens Are these events specifically on your den calendar or the pack calendar?

As a Den Leader, I should not be able to make Pack events. However, that would appear to be a bug, because in IA, I can.

The events I created in SB are the Den and there is no edit.

Thanks for the clarification. I have reported both issues.

Also can’t edit events - in IA or SB.
As Den leader could also create pack events. Adding b/c I’m not sure how closely y’all are tracking.
LMK if more info is needed.

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Thanks. That didn’t fix it.

Another leader from our pack who I believe only has one MID (14294827) said he’s having the same problem.

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