Can't enter contacts - Commissioner Tools says all units are "coming soon"

I am unable to enter any contacts to Commissioner Tools. The “add contact” button is greyed out, and when I click on the question bubble next to the button it says “Cannot enter contacts for Coming Soon unit”. None of my units are “coming soon” - the one I was trying to enter a contact for has been around for decades - and when my DE tried to do it he got the same error. He tried some other units in other districts, and only about a third had the “add contact” button. All the rest had the same “coming soon” issue.

Is there any workaround for this, or a way for the council registrar to fix it? There’s no point in my asking her - she’s brand-new and still learning the ropes. My DE said “Try again tomorrow and it will probably work” - but that was two days ago, and it still doesn’t work. Help?

@MichaelBrown6 -

Council & District? One specific unit I can check?
Also - OS & Browser you are using?

Baden-Powell Council, Taughannock District (although the DE had similar problems with a number of units in the Hiawatha District as well. OS is Windows 10, Firefox is the browser.

@MichaelBrown6 -

I just logged in, using Windows 10, and the Microsoft Edge browser, using an InPrivate window (the equivalent of an Incognito window on Chrome).

I used the Contacts tab in Commissioner Tools and I was able to select every unit in the Taughannock District to create a contact. In addition I went in the Hiawatha District and was able to select every unit in that District as well.

I suggest that you consider using either the new Microsoft Edge browser or the Google Chrome browser, and that you use an InPrivate or Incognito window (which will save you from needing to clear the browser cache).

That is truly weird. I just tried both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and got exactly the same response as before - “you cannot enter new contacts for Coming Soon units.” Whatever the problem is, it persists at my level, even if someone at your level of access doesn’t have it.

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Did you clear the cache of your browsers before you used them, or did you use a private browsing window (Incognito, or In Private)?

Yes, I cleared cache. No, I didn’t use a private browsing window - have never done so and don’t know how that works.

@MichaelBrown6 I think I found your issue, and I have a workaround.

If you open the View History for some of your units (not all) it will not allow you to add a contact.

Your workaround, is from the Contacts list of units, you select the same unit, and click “Add New Contact” it works fine.

Now that I have isolated this, I can report it for review.

Your workaround worked, and I was able to add the contacts. Thanks for the help.

Michael Brown also you can opening page for your district and click on the unit to put in a contact then go to the top of that list you will see several items there. View History then Add A Contact click on it then your unit will open up for you to enter your contact either detailed or simple with all parts there. Buddy Crenshaw ACC/Chickasaw Council Tools Champion

I think that’s the same workaround that Ron suggested. It works works fine - in some ways it’s better than selecting the unit through “select org level”. Fewer clicks to enter a contact.

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Per the BSA IT group, this issue should be resolved now.