Can't enter "Commissioner Contact" for a certain unit (and only that 1 unit)

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5) Member ID & Council of person affected: ID133563631 - Norwela Council
Thank you!)

I am Assistant District Commissioner role, was entering Unit Visits from our recent Winter Camp. I was able to update all units except 1: Troop 100-B. After the initial entry screen and selecting “Simple Assessment”, I get “Error 403 - You don’t have access to this Trail” screen. I have attempted this from both a Windows 11 Laptop (Google Chrome) and Mac Laptop (Safari & Chrome) - exact same results every time with this single unit. I had no problems adding new Unit Contacts for any other unit, including their linked 100-G unit. It’s just this single unit that won’t allow me to enter a contact. I searched forums and didn’t find anything similar - ideas?

@Dan_Henderson I don’t see anything obvious.

I would recommend asking your local council to submit a help ticket to National.

I have submitted this to BSA IT.


@Dan_Henderson They just pushed a fix to production, and they also tested with your units, just to make sure, and everything is working properly now.

Please make sure you clear your browser cache before you access the tools.

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