Cannot enter in contacts

I’m not able to enter in contacts for the units I am assigned to. The “Add new contacts” button is greyed out and it states that new contacts cannot be entered for coming soon units, even though these are old units. I tried the work around that is posted on another thread, but there is a grey bar over the “Add new Contact” button which prevents me from being able to click it.

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This is a known bug. I’m not sure if there is a work around.

Go to the Contacts tab off the District Dashboard, select the unit from there and click on the “Add New Contact” button.

There is a grey bar covering the “Add New Contact” button in the"workaround"

If there is no workaround, doesn’t that make it impossible to enter in new contacts?

You are not on the District Dashboard, you are on the Unit Dashboard. The “Contacts” tab in the District Dashboard shows all units in the District. Here is a sample - and when you click on the unit, you will see the buttons on the grey bar light up.

There is a work-around, which is what I am trying to walk you through. Matt was incorrect.

Ok, this work around works. Thank you. Of course its now not letting me get caught up with my 2021 contacts since its no longer 2021, lol.

There has always been a 60-day limit for contacts to be recorded since we launched My.Scouting back in 2015.

I know the 60 day limit, I was surprised by the new calendar year limit (I’m trying to enter in a contact from 12/2/21). Its ok though. Have a good new year, and thanks for the help.

Per the BSA IT group, this issue should be resolved now.

The grey bar which prevents new contacts is now gone, so new contacts can now be entered. The glitch where 2021 contacts are blocked (even if the are less than 60 days old) is still there though.

2021 contacts needed to be entered by 12/31.

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