Can't enter Eagle Board of Review date

I have a scout BSA# 123754593 who recently completed his Eagle BOR. When I attempted to enter the date for requirement 7 “Successfully complete your board of review for the Eagle Scout rank.” Scoutbook would not let me because requirement 3 was not marked as completed. All of the merit badges were marked completed and approved, but I could not get the main requirement to show completed. The scout has since aged out and does not show on our roster. Is there some way we can get this fixed so that his scout history will be correct?

I know that our Eagles’ records had the completion and approval “pushed” by national BSA (Marked Completed and Approved by BSA Administrator) when all of the paperwork cleared. I believe that will override the glitch that the individual requirement is not showing as 100%.

There may be a way to force it to recalculate, but I’m not exactly sure how to do that.

The Eagle is already officially recorded so all is good - I looked at records

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