Eagle "Completed" date AFTER "Approved" date

Hello, I am the Advancement Chair of my unit, and we have four scouts who recently earned Eagle. Somewhere along the way, I was given guidance that it was best to let the local Council go in and check off “Completed” and “Approved” for Eagle rank. So when our scouts pass their Eagle BOR, I don’t go in and enter Requirement 7 (BOR) as complete, because if I do so, then the system automatically updates the entire rank to “Completed.” So we leave the BOR requirement incomplete, and then we turn in the Eagle Application to our Council. When the Council approves the rank, Scoutbook is updated to show Eagle Rank “Completed & Approved”, BUT the BOR field (Requirement 7) is always blank. I then go in afterwards and enter the actual date of the BOR in the requirement 7 field, but when I do so, the system overrides the Eagle Rank “Completion” date and changes it to the date that I made that final entry. This seems a bug. It makes me uneasy to see the Eagle “Approved” date showing up as an earlier date than the “Completed” date. I have attached a picture to show one example. In this picture, the “Approved” date is the actual date of the BOR, whereas the “Completed” date is the date that I went in and filled in the requirement 7 box (so that the ScoutBook Individual Advancement Report will not be incomplete.) Again this feels like a bug. Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.

Those are just Audit dates - the date that matters is cut off in blue to the Right - is that date correct?

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Yes, Donovan, that date is correct. I posted a new photo that confirms the date.

The other dates are just an audit trail of WHEN things were entered and by who

Thank you for explaining, Donovan. I would hate to inadvertently foul up a scout’s advancement. Most especially when it comes to the rank of Eagle. I feel a little better after talking to you. I do have one more thought (and wish)… It would be nice if in this this case, when I went in and ensured the Requirement 7 field wasn’t blank, that it would just show an audit of that action. Why does Scoutbook automatically take it a step further and say I manipulated the overall completion date, when that was not what I actually did? Could that be fixed, so that the only audit update is when the user changes the one specific field? I understand the import of this particular field (BOR), but still… it would be nice if it didn’t change what was already entered concerning the “Completion” of Eagle rank. Thoughts?

If you entered #7 and all other requirements were marked complete you did complete the rank - just as if the Scout marked it complete they would have completed the rank. It is functioning as designed.

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