SB not marking Eagle Merit Badge requirements as complete

My Troop is having our CoH coming up this week. I’m trying to get SB updated in purchase badges and emblems for everybody.
I have one Scout that completed his Eagle BoR just recently (5/27). However, in SB, I’m unable to have SB show the 21 Merit Badge requirement (#3) as complete. He has completed all of the required merit badges and they are all at least approved, with many awarded. I’ve marked the requirement itself with a completion date and leader approval. However, it still doesn’t show a checkmark.
Without that check, I’m also unable to update anything in Eagle BoR and it give me an error indicating the Req #3 (merit badges) must be complete. I believe National would be entering approvals for Eagles, but do we enter the completion dates?
To finish off, what is the guidance on ordering the emblem so it may be given at the coming CoH?

A member of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council will see this post and look at your issue.

In the meantime you should know that the unit will not receive Eagle credentials before the Court of Honor off a BOR that was held four days ago.

Most wait weeks, minimum.

You said req 3 is not marked complete. Are all 21 slots below it filled in? What is the scout’s bsa member number? We don’t need the name.

The Eagle date and approval will come in once entered by your council.

Yes, all 21 slots below it are filled in and meet the criteria for Eagle.
Scout’s BSA number is 128663008.

And thanks for confirmting the Eagle date and approval will come in from the council later.


If a board of review approves a candidate, the signed application, reference letters, and any information that might be considered confidential are returned to the local council. Unless otherwise directed, the service project workbook and statement of ambitions and life purpose can be returned to the Scout. If approval is denied, all materials are returned to the council

At the council the Scout executive signs the application, certifying proper procedures were followed. The application is then entered into the BSA system, filed locally, and then extracted from the BSA system by the National Advancement Program Team. In special cases, such as those for Lone Scouts or Scouts more than six months past their 18th birthday, councils must submit applications via mail, email, or fax for manual processing

The National Advancement Program Team validates all applications received. Then the National Distribution Center generates the credentials and prints, packages, and mails the certificate, pocket card, and congratulatory letter to the council. Applications sent for manual processing go to the National Advancement Program Team and take several weeks to complete. Upon receipt of the Eagle credentials, council service center personnel should alert unit leadership immediately.

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Does every one of the 21 slots have a check Mark of some color in the box?

What version of Eagle is selected? We have seen some issues if the Scout is on an old version of Eagle. All Scouts should be using the latest version.

Yes. Either Gold - awarded, or Blue - approved.

  • Shih-Hsin

It is with the most recent - 2016-21 selected.

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