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Events in dashboard missing campouts

On bottom of dashboard, the upcoming events listed are just our troop meetings - no campouts. But if you go to the calendar, the upcoming events at the bottom show everything.

Is this a bug? I can’t find anything different about the way the events are entered other than the type.

@SherriCrayne - I am looking at the bottom of my dashboard and I see no events listed. There is a line that say events and clicking on the link lists the next few events of the troop. I guess a screenshot or several may help here.

I see campouts listed on My Dashboard. Are you listed as an invitee to the events?

I have confirmed that some events are definitely missing from the events on my dashboard. It seems to be more unit based rather than activity based. I suspect the sorting got messed up somehow. I will report this to the developers.


Looking further:
The only things showing on the dashboard event list are our troop meetings.

Double checked the following:
RSVP required doesn’t seem to make a difference as our committee meetings do not require RSVP but our campouts do, and neither show on the dashboard events list. (and yes, I am invited to all the events. )

Attempting to send screen shots in next reply

Here is the view from the troop admin page

Here is the view from the dashboard page:

Here is the view from the calendar page:

@SherriCrayne - upon a closer look I am noticing the same thing. I am with three units and it is missing events from the others. As Jacob has confirmed and reported the issue hopefully it will be resolved.

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Last informational items:

Troop meetings that have been edited recently (for example marked “no meeting”) are now not showing in the dashboard.

Added a test campout this morning, invited all scouts and leaders, and it does not show in the dashboard.

Added a test troop meeting this morning and it does not populate to dashboard.

We are having the same issue with our unit. Troop meetings show up, but the PLC Meetings or Monthly Campouts do not.

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