Can't give full control to a Webelos Den Leader for his Den

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BSA Member Id: 133743258
He’s the Den Leader for the Webelos Den. I can only give him view access to his Den for some reason.

I would check the official roster at to make sure that the leader in question is properly listed there (with the correct BSA ID). It looks like the system thinks he’s not registered with your unit as a leader.

He’s listed as the Webelos Den Leader in

Can you check the leader’s BSA member number in Scoutbook vs. my.scouting? I suspect that they are different.

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@JamesBishop1 - could you also check the positions in scoutbook, and see if he also has den admin as a position. It doe snot hurt to add that as well.

Nope. They are the same.

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Hrm…try going to his Webelos DL position in Scoutbook, uncheck the approval tickbox, save. Then re-approve it and save. Does that solve the issue?

If not, I don’t know if it makes sense to just apply the Den Admin role as a work-around as @Stephen_Hornak suggested, or if @JenniferOlinger or the other folks from SUAC want to dig around before too much tinkering goes on.

Where do I go to assign them to Den Admin? I can’t find that in Scoutbook.

In the same location as the Den Leader role. My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack ### → Pack Roster → Leader’s Name → Leader’s Name’s Positions → Add Position/Role (bottom right corner)

Our main tool for solving issues is down with the data migration - I made one change to the account that could have been confusing system - see if it solved the issue

Whatever you did @DonovanMcNeil worked. Thank you!

I would still recommend making him a Den Admin. This will give him access to the den calendar and also Full Control permissions to all Scouts in the den.


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