Adding Den Leader to Webelos

I am trying to add a Den Leader and am getting the error message " Leader: Please select a leader from the list." I have added all of the information needed and I don’t know why it’s not coming up. In addition, when I do a search for the new Den Leader or for myself, it says they can’t find either of us. I’m not sure if we haven’t done something correctly or if the search engine isn’t working properly.
This is the page we’re using: Scoutbook

It does not find leaders already in leadership role in the unit. And it does not find un-registered users. What is the BSA#?

I believe his BSA# is 14482473. removed by admin - no names please.

@KristineObendorf that scouter is not registered under that number or that email - they need to fill out an adult application I imagine

Okay. Thank you for that information. I believe I sent him an email to do an adult application, but it only allowed him to sign up as a youth. I just resent it again today and am hopeful it gives him the “adult” option.

not all councils allow online adult apps - and units themselves have to have them turned on

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