Can't invite MBC

I have been trying to invite MBC’s for my son - people who have already agreed. I go to the open merit badge, select invite counselor, and select the one who is approved for that badge - who agreed. Then it says I need to select a merit badge. I got to that page from a merit badge, and on the page giving me the error, there is no list to re-select. HELP!

Can you provide a few screen shots (without showing any names or personal info)?

Does the behavior differ if you perform the actions in incognito mode?

On the merit badge page, can you also let us know exactly what the button text is that you pressed?
Was it “Invite Counselor”, “Lookup/Invite Counselor”, or “[scout]'s Connections” ?

It says ‘invite counselor’

Ok, thanks.

So, when you click that, it brings you to the Scout’s Connections page, where you search for a counselor.

The search returned a match. But, that Counselor does not have the merit badge in their list, or no list of badges is provided. Is that correct?

If so, it seems that the person may not actually be approved any more. Talk to a unit leader and have them verify that the Counselor is in the current MBC list. They have the ability to see current MBCs in Scoutbook.

In addition to what Gary pointed out, other cases I’ve seen have been:

  1. The MBC is registered for the badge in question, but the list of badges uploaded by the council doesn’t match the list approved. This is less of an issue as councils are moving away from the upload list approach.
  2. The MBC has an extra BSA Member ID, and the MBC role/badges are associated with that ID, not the one that is connected to their Scoutbook account.

If you post the BSA Member ID (no names please!) for the counselor, the SUAC folks might be able to identify if there’s an issue with the registration that the counselor needs to address with the council, or if there’s a duplicate account in Scoutbook.

I was able to resolve the issue with connecting my child to a MBC. The list I had from the Scoutmaster was old, so some of the people no longer taught certain badges.

Though now I am having a problem with my own MBC status. I have the MBC position, but none of my available to help badges are showing on Scoutbook, even though they have been approved by the council (#492). Maybe I have a duplicate number or something?

The last 2 screenshots are from ScoutCommunity.

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

@KarelaGilbert - um… scout community is NOT your council or an official BSA site. You need to work with your counci, on why the merit badges are not in the system

Our council uses ScoutCommunity so we can access a list of all the merit counselors in our district and troop. Any suggestions to resolve the issue at hand?

@KarelaGilbert - talk to your council as they need to enter the mb in the system. Beyond that the scout community site mentions sync to scoutnet…that has long since been retired

I never said that it syncs, just that the council entered it there so that troops and the district have an easy list of counselors. So I am on the list of approved badges for those, but it does not reflected what they have added to scoutbook. I posted because there were people in here who said they could look up my BSA to see if there are other issues. Is that something you can do?

@KarelaGilbert - should list your merit badges if council entered them in the system

It does not. That is the problem. It shows my position as a MBC, but does not list any of the approved badges that show on the troop list that I am on. I already did try reaching out to the council, but the contact I was referred to is on vacation. Hence me trying to reach out here to try to get help.

@KarelaGilbert - well, the folks here are volunteers like you so not much they can do to add the badges to your record. That is primarily a registrar or similar role at council. On scout community their home page list some rather outdated info

Someone in this thread said they would look up my BSA to see if there are any issues. I never said I was looking to have someone add them.

Yes I suggest calling council to find how to get things done now

I already did try reaching out to the council, but the contact I was referred to is on vacation.

@KarelaGilbert this shows you are registered but there are no merit badges attached to you - that is why you need to call council

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I have, the contact I was referred to is on vacation. I was hoping to get some help as to why so I am not waiting a long while. Another user had said to post the number to see if it was because of a duplicate account.

@KarelaGilbert - additionally, your unit key 3 can get a report of merit badge counselors in the reports section of