Can't link scout to merit badge counselor

While going through the steps to invite merit badge counselor to a scout (SB:4536757), I am only able select Parent/Guardian or Other Family Member as options, Merit Badge Counselor is disabled.

I have made these connections in the past without issue, but don’t know what restriction is blocking the process currently.

My SB: 11738465
Roles in troop show as New Member Coordinator, Assistant Scoutmaster, Unit Advancement Chair

Thank you.

Sounds like the MBC is not an MBC - OR the scout might not have the MB started in Scoutbook - what is MBCs BSA #?

the MBC ID is 13294296.

The scout has the merit badge started and leader approved. I’m clicking invite from that page on the scout’s record.

The merit badge counselor shows up on merit badge counselor searches as approved for the merit badge in question.

@RichardObert 2 things - the MBC ended 12/31/22 so is in a grace period that could be effecting things.
2. I have never tried to get an MBC for an Approved MB, that could be confusing system

The merit badge is not approved, I used the wrong terminology. It has the Unit Leader Signature applied to it, which should be an indication that it is acceptable to proceed with the merit badge.

The specific MBC is irrelevant, I’ve looked up several others that are approved for the same merit badge. When I try to add connections I land on add new adult account. If I leave the role blank, I get an error message that indicates “Please check all the roles that apply to this user”. However, the only roles I can check are Parent/Guardian or Other Family Member, which these people clearly are not that relationship to the scout. So I do not want to create a connection for either of those to the scout. I cannot check the Merit Badge Counselor.

This is not the correct sequence that should be coming up to add a MBC. I can prove this, because it’s not what happens when I try to add a MBC to one of my son’s merit badges that he stopped working on. In this case, I land on a page that indicates search for existing user. This should be coming up for the other scouts in the troop, rather than going directly to add new adult account.

To recap, what should happen:

  1. Click merit badge
  2. Click Invite Merit Badge Counselor
  3. (It’s a new adult, so click) +Add at the top of connections
  4. Land on search for existing user
  5. Enter name and email address
  6. Find user record of known MBC
  7. Select MBC, check box for MBC and click invite

What’s happening with other scouts:
) Click merit badge
2) Click Invite Merit Badge Counselor
3) (It’s a new adult, so click) +Add at the top of connections
4) Land on add new adult user - with no option to select MBC as connection role

It is working for me for this specific MBC.

Here are my steps:

From the Scout’s Advancement page in Scoutbook:

  1. Click on the merit badge (I clicked on Emergency Prep.).
  2. Click on “Invite Counselor”.
  3. Click on “+ Add”, because the Scout is not already connected to this MBC.
  4. Enter name of MBC: Firstname Lastname
  5. Select State.
  6. Check box next to “Include MBC Only”.
  7. Click “Search” button.
  8. The MBC’s name comes up, and I can verify that the MBC’s city and state.
  9. Click on MBC’s name.
  10. Check the box next to “Merit Badge Counselor”.
  11. Then check the box next to the name of the merit badge.
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I agree that those are the steps I am looking for. However, I do not have step 4 as an option when I am selecting any of the scouts in our troop that I am not a parent of. There is no search option for these scouts, so I cannot proceed with any of the steps that follow. That section that allows for searching as described in those steps is not showing up on the webpage.

Restating the original issue,
I (SB: 11738465) believe I am a current SB connection as Adult Leader with “Full Control” for scout (SB:4536757). However, when I click “+ Add” to connect to a merit badge counselor, I am not given the option to search, only to add a new adult and only as “Parent/Guardian” or “Other Family Member” roles.

I can replicate this issue with other merit badges and scouts in our troop (e.g., SB 4026353, 6435035, 4832492).

The only scout I get the Search option after clicking “+ Add” seems to be SB 2972596, which is my child and I am linked to him in SB as both Adult Leader and Parent/Guardian.

yeah it looks to be a bug @RichardObert - right now you have to be an admin to do it - this is reported to developers

When I click on invite merit badge counselor I get a blank page. How can I invite the merit badge counselor to Citizenship in Society? (Marc Montalcone)?

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