Cannot link Merit Badge counselors to Scouts

I am unable to invite/link approved Merit Badge counselors to scouts. I bring up the open Merit Badge record for the scout, click on “lookup/Invite Counselor”. The approved MBC list comes up, I click “invite” next to the counselor and then I am tossed back into the Scout’s Scoutbook page with no MBC added, sometimes immediately and sometimes after it shows it is working/loading for a bit, but in the end, so linked counselor. Things I have tried already: waited a couple of days, updated my Admin status (I am SM, Troop Admin), tried different combinations of counselors and scouts.


The Lookup/Invite feature is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. Try going to the Scout’s connection page, clicking +Add and searching for the MBC that way. There was a fix for connection search that went into production last night that may be causing problems with the extension.

Let us know if this allows you to connect the Scout and MBC.

That did it!

Appreciate the tip on connecting that way - I thought that would only work for adults registered in the unit.

Thanks for the quick response and solution.

Thanks. We will let the extension developer know.

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