Can't leader approve CS Supernova Award

I am the advancement chair for a Pack. We had six scouts recently complete the CS Supernova Award (2018). The awards are all parent/scout approved but there is no option to leader approve this award and thus add it to the purchase order. We had another den a few years ago earn the Supernova and we were able to add those to the PO without issue.

No that is for Council to approve not unit - it is a restricted award - an application has to be sent in

I’m curious to learn how that works through the approval que if Council doesn’t have access to those six scouts in our pack. Do we just wait for the signed applications to come back and then mark them as awarded?

Thank you Donovan, but respectfully that website doesn’t tell me how to get the items on to the Purchase Order or onto the Advancement Report to turn into the Council.

Every council is different - some have funds to pay for awards. Some send the authorization for you to purchase to the Scout Shop and you.

We have all the paperwork completed. There isn’t a mechanism within Scoutbook that exists to leader approve this award. You can only mark it as awarded and you can’t get it on a PO or an Advancement Report.

The Council needs to enter it in ScoutNET for the Scouts

In my council, you submit the completed paperwork and any documentation for approval. Once it is approved, they provide the Scout with a signed award certificate. Once you have the certificate, the Scout shop will look at that to verify and will either sell you or order you an award. At our office, I pick up the certificate upstairs and walk downstairs to the Scout Shop on my way out and show it to them and they place the order.

@JenSnyder736 - the SuperNova is like Eagle… it can not be entered by a unit. The council certainly does have access to scouts and their advancement and the certainly do enter items and they will and should enter this one. It will show up as entered by BSA Administrator.


After the local council marks the Supernova award as approved, it will sync over from ScoutNET to Scoutbook, and you will be able to add it to your Needs Purchasing Report / Purchase Order.


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