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I am trying to enter the Townes Supernova for my son. I am parent/Den Leader/Cubmaster/Pack Admin. It is letting me enter it via quick entry in original Scoutbook but it is not appearing on his record there or in Scoutbook+. When he completed the Alverez last year - I was able to enter and approve it with no issues… Any suggestions?

I understood that the various Nova/Supernova awards had moved to council support only in the last year or two, rather than national support, and that they’re no longer supported under the new program (based on the awards not being updated for changes to the program).

I also understood that the awards could only be approved by a Nova/Supernova mentor in the system (or directly by council). It’s been several years now since I was a DL, so my info might be out of date.

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SuperNovas can only be approved by council - and not all council are continuing to support NOVAs at all - check with your council - and if they support it - turn in the application


For his previous supernova/novas (All done in the last 12 to 18 months) - we turned in the application And it eventually wound its way through Council to the scout executive and back to us but that had nothing to do with actual approval/entry in scoutbook. I entered everything into Scoutbook myself once it was completed. When the medals were controlled items from national supply, only Council could order them so that’s where the choke point was but now anyone can order them from crown awards. I just want to be sure it is on his record for posterity

If you were able to approve a Supernova award at the unit-level, then that was a bug. The local council needs to enter it.

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