Can't Remove Dropped Leader From Event Emails

I have a leader who decided not to continue with the pack, but they are still receiving Scoutbook email reminders and I don’t seem to have a way to unsubscribe them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a pack leader with a single leadership role.
  2. Create an event and add the pack leader to the event.
  3. Drill down into the Roster, click on the leader, then their role, and set the End Date. Go back up and note they no longer appear on the roster.
  4. Go to the event. Note the removed pack leader still appears in the invitee list.
  5. Now try to edit the event and remove the invitee. They don’t appear in this screen and you can’t remove them!

@NicholasPelis - did you click save after you were in edit event ? The fact that the leader is not there is correct but you need to save the event.

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Yeah, sure enough, that worked! Open the event to edit it, make no changes, and then click “Save”. It’s so counterintuitive, but it works.

@NicholasPelis - no bug as you can see

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