Can't Remove MB Completion Date

Revisiting this topic, because I am having the same issue.

We are using Scoutbook and a merit badge that is still being worked on accidently got marked as Leader Approved. I am trying to unapprove it (I am troop admin in scoutbook), but the date field is grayed out and I cannot delete the date to save. If I just uncheck the Leader Approved box and save, I get an error message saying “Check the Date. Requirements X,Y,Z were completed after this date.”


Has the Scout completed Star or Life rank? If so, go to the rank page and check to see if the MB was used to complete the rank.

Yes, this would be one to count towards Life rank for this particular scout. I will check that once scoutbook stops misbehaving.

If the MB is listed under Life and Life is approved, you will need to remove the Approved checkbox and date from Life then remove the completion date from the MB so that SB grabs the next completed MB for Life.

Yep, I will do that as soon as Scoutbook is back up and working. Right now it gives me a Whoops! error whenever I click on any scout in the roster.

I would go in to unit roster > click your name > click admin role and save it. That might fix for you

OK, it won’t let me remove Life Scout Requirement 3. It just automatically re-approves it, so I cannot remove the merit badge.

Did you unapprove and uncomplete the life rank? as long as you do that you can deal with the MB

The rank is not complete. That merit badge just automatically completes #3. The BOR has not happened yet because the scout needs to complete this merit badge.

perhaps a screenshare would help?

Each time I delete the date, uncheck the box, and save, it just reapplies it automatically.

unapprove it but leave date - then deal with MB

Same result. It automatically marks it approved by BSA Administrator.

131311104 Communication MB is the one that needs to be unapproved, if you want to try it out.

as stated before probably a screenshare is the best way

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this is a very easy fix - @RobertBrodner - go to MB page - click the percent complete > unapprove and save > go back to percent complete and clear the date - I just did this on a similar scout

Tried that already.


OK I changed those dates around to be before the ASM mistakenly marked this approved and it let me unapprove it.

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